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14-04-2011 :  What's The Tonic is choosen to be 'Affengeile Schallplatte', CD of the week in the raio show Shooting Boots (Koen Schouten and Jaap Boots)

About the band : With this new quartet, Johan Plomp and Miguel Martinez have started a new project. After a long period of “groovy electro jazz” with Martinez Move, it was time for a new band, based on an acoustic jazz sound. Johan and Miguel took the first recordings of Ornette Coleman as their working basis. Freedom, plainness and interaction are central in their music. Their surprising compositions are short and to the point, the harmonies are subordinate to the strong, “catchy” melodies. The music leaves plenty of room for spontaneity and creativity of the members of the band. Interaction, freedom and collective improvisation are the key words.

time: 21:00
Grotekerksplein 1
time: 21:00
3-04-2011Cafe de Hetebrij
time: 15:00
Nieuwe Markt 9